Chicken Pot Pie Crumble

This is a great comfort meal perfect for these Fall and Winter months! It’s a bit of a different take on the classic chicken pot pie and was approved by my whole family, including my sometimes picky stepdaughter! Continue reading


Countdown to Midnight

I’ve always enjoyed the parties with friends on New Years Eve, but I must say these past couple years I’ve enjoyed the family New Years Eve activities even more; kids can really make all holidays extra fun in a new way! This was our eventful 2013 to 2014 New Years Eve night! I found this great idea on Pinterest Continue reading

Candy Cane Marshmallows

Pinterest is a great place to find fun ideas, especially around the holidays! When I came across this one I knew it would be something fun to do with my step daughter and simple enough that she could handle with ease! And, they look really cute! These would be a great little gift to hand out or a yummy treat to take to school or work! So let’s get started… Continue reading

Mushroom Florentine Pasta

I love trying new recipes and with working 5 days a week I am always looking for simple, yet delicious recipes! Oh and I love pasta, I am Italian after all! The dish pictured above is a scrumptious Mushroom Florentine Pasta! It was easy to make and I could see using the sauce for other pastas as well; it’s very similar to an Alfredo sauce! Continue reading

Blogging Introduction: About the Butlers

It only seems proper for my first post (ever, might I add!) to be about my family and me. To be honest, the real reason I wanted to create this blog was to start documenting all of the amazing experiences we have together every day and to be able to look back at trips taken, crafts made, new foods cooked and countless memories made. If my posts have an impact on readers in the blogging world and help more families create fun memories that’s a big bonus and would truly fill my heart with joy! So let’s see… Continue reading

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