Christmas Eve 2017 + Fun Announcement

A few days ago Hailey asked if we were doing the Christmas Eve gift this year thinking she normally saw it under the tree by then. My initial reaction was so heartfelt; I love that she looks forward to this gift and that it’s become a family tradition for us. And then I was honest with her and told her my forgetfulness put me a bit behind schedule this year. Do you remember the super cute box from last year? Anyone know where I stored it after Christmas? Me either. I searched and searched for that box and was finally left with the option of buying a new one. Luckily, I went shopping at Michaels at the right time and found an adorable chest to use this year 70% off. Bonus? No wrapping needed. And when I store this one away in a safe place the day after Christmas I’ll probably find last year’s box too 🙂


In addition to ‘misplacing’ my favorite Christmas Eve box, it took me a little longer in general to put this year’s gift together. After bragging about having my Christmas (day) shopping done and most of my gifts wrapped by the first week of December it was only fitting that the Christmas Eve gift turn into this year’s last minute project! I do have a couple good reasons for that. First, who’s idea was it to include a personalized gift each year? You guys, this gets challenging. She has ‘her own’ hot cocoa mug, popcorn bowl, blanket and milkshake mug. Then one day, Allen told me about a dirtbike t-shirt he ordered Hailey for Christmas that was customized with her name and number on the back. (they really got into riding this year and even completed a few family races!) I immediately asked if we could include it in the Christmas Eve gift. Personalized gift, check. The snacks were easy. She’s a simple girl to please in this department. Old fashioned root beer and creme soda alone would be plenty to excite this girl. The beef jerky will be the cherry on top. (she would have loved actual cherries too, maraschino to be specific, but I just can’t bring myself to buy those any more than once a year – on her birthday!). The World Market was a perfect place to find fun snacks and drinks! I also got a giant candy cane, because who doesn’t need an obnoxiously sized candy cane on Christmas, and naturally forgot about it until I put her gift under the tree. Thanks to the awesome chest that doesn’t require wrapping, I’ll be adding the candy cane later this evening. If I remember.


Like the personalized gift, the other tricky part of this box is the ‘something to do’ gift. The first couple years it was always a movie. Now we have all our favorite Christmas movies and have also transitioned to the Apple TV so DVDs or Blu-Rays don’t quite fit in with the box anymore. The couple years after that I went with a Christmas themed card game and a Christmas adult coloring book. This year is something just for Hailey. Because I couldn’t think of a group activity? Kind of. Because I didn’t think of a group activity (making glitter painted glass ornaments) until the very last minute? Mostly. So I got her a couple bath bombs from Lush. Have you guys tried these? Talk about motivation to clean my bathtub – my bathtub that is not connected to our shower and rarely gets used. It feels more like decor for the master bathroom. These bath bombs smell amazing and make for a luxurious experience. Being a teenager, it seems like the perfect time to introduce her to these gems and what better timing than right after her midterms at school. And you know, maybe the lavender will help her fall asleep, because she’s already told me she’s not going to be able to sleep Christmas Eve since she’ll be too excited! Those ‘kid moments’ in teenagers are the best 🙂


To round the gift out is pajamas and slippers of course. That will never change and I will most certainly continue to take advantage of the free slippers with a pajama purchase from Victoria’s Secret. It’s hard to believe this is the 5th year for our tradition and bittersweet to think we only have 3 more years of it before she’s off to college. A sweet reminder to treasure these moments we have. Speaking of sweet….that face could fool anyone who doesn’t know Mosby! I’m just happy to see him laying under the tree rather than in the tree – something he’s been known for in the past! (sorry Wanda – Max wouldn’t sit still by the tree to get a photo!)


Oh and the fun announcement? I’ve been trying to work on my next project and although it’s still a work in progress I want to share my second blog with you all! It will be more focused on recipes than this one, but could really evolve into anything! I’d love for you to check it out and give me feedback on the types of post you’d like to see most! Just visit!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with friends and family! Don’t forget to fit in some ‘me time’ as well! That’s one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning. Getting up early, making a cup of tea and reflecting on the holiday while it’s quiet and the only light is coming from the tree! It’s perfect.

Merry Christmas, friends!


As always, thanks for reading!


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