Hi! My name is Sara. It’s a pleasure to ‘meet’ you! Meeting new people is never one sided so I’ll tell you a little bit about me and then you share something great about yourself in the comments section. Deal? 🙂

I’m a fan of lists. To do lists, Pros and Cons lists, Reasons Why lists, Invite lists….maybe I should make a list of my favorite types of lists? I’m kidding. That’s taking it too far. Let’s go with a ‘Few Fun Facts about Me’ list. I haven’t decided on the number yet and you never know when something worthwhile might need added so we’ll keep that open ended.

In General

  • I’m blessed to be a wife, stepmom (to miss Hailey) and mom to four furry critters – we have two dogs (Dusty and Max) and two cats (Milo and Mosby)! That theme with ‘M’ names was sincerely unintentional!
  • I work as a Project Manager during the day and have a passion for blogging and photography.
  • When I find time to relax, I love to read and watch movies. There’s something about really good books and movies isn’t there? Getting swept away into another world where nothing else matters for a couple hours is kind of magical. Plus, I do enjoy speaking in movie quotes.
  • Speaking of magical, Disney World is a favorite vacation spot of mine. I recently visited with my husband and we thoroughly enjoyed our first adult Disney trip! (Don’t worry, we’re not cruel – we’ve taken Hailey there too!)
  • I’m a stickler when it comes to grammar! With that said, you’ll still find errors on my blog. Sigh. It has something to do with being human I believe. Do me a favor? If you see a spelling or grammar error, help a girl out!
  • I find joy in cleaning. You either resonate with this comment or think I’m crazy! I like a clean and organized house and enjoy the accomplished feeling afterwards!

When it comes to Blogging

  • I started this blog near the end of 2014! What?? Time flies!!
  • I’m a big Pinterest-er. New word? I think it’s how my itch for blogging got started, because I adored the many food blogs I came across while browsing the site.
  • I write best when I have music playing at the same time. Music puts me in a good mood and helps me focus.
  • Remember my joy with cleaning? A clean room also helps me write. Clean and organized room = clear and organized thoughts. That’s my kind of math!
  • I’m currently working on launching a second blog. The goal is to keep this dear site as a personal one and start a second blog focused on food and home decor where I share recipes and feature some amazing projects from my friends entering the furniture restoration business. Stay tuned, okay!


I hope you enjoy this blog, find words you can relate to and take away ideas to share with your own friends and family! Bringing any amount of joy to you brings immense joy to me! Those are my people below 🙂



As always, thanks for reading!

Have a beautiful day.

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