Wedding Keepsakes

Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower Gift

My best friend’s bridal shower is this weekend and I’m so looking forward to celebrating with her! In addition to ‘saying yes to the dress’ and receiving your first RSVP to the wedding, this is another milestone that makes the whole experience begin to feel “really real”. If you’ve been a bride, you understand that phrase! The bridal shower is a wonderful event where you get to Continue reading

Wedding Gift for my Stepdaughter

As my best friend is counting down to her wedding (1 year from today!) it reminds me of the excitement I felt during my own engagement! Not only was I gaining a husband that day, but also a step daughter. Much like I am, she is quite the sentimental girl and special gifts mean a lot to her; I love that about her.  Continue reading

Engagement Gift for the Bride to Be

I absolutely love writing about my own wedding and reliving those memories in a way that will preserve them forever, in words that tell a story. However, I’m really excited to have another wedding to write about now too, my best friend’s wedding! Michelle. We met in 7th grade…she french braided my hair for track practice and the rest is history! This is the girl who’s always been there for me; she’s truly my best friend for life! You know, that person who will Continue reading

Our Sand Ceremony

I love the idea of sharing ideas from our wedding and capturing little stories from the day at the same time. Still haven’t figured out why it took me so long to begin blogging! If you’re currently engaged, I hope it helps to spark ideas for your own big day, and for everyone, I hope you can appreciate and relate to the story behind each one shared. For our wedding, we (and by we I mean I, because my typical groom said ‘whatever you want honey’ 🙂 ) chose to do a sand ceremony to unite the three of us together as an official family. Continue reading

Creative First Wedding Anniversary Gift

This past October my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! As I’ve said before, I love tradition. We decided to stick with tradition when it came to gifts for each other and followed the first anniversary of Paper. Looking on Pinterest again, I stumbled upon the idea of customizing a book to be folded into letters or numbers special to our marriage. I decided to go with Continue reading

Frame your Wedding Dress

When you think about wedding keepsakes you probably think dried flowers, garter, invitations, programs and of course your photos. How about your dress? During my engagement, I saw an idea on Pinterest to frame your wedding dress and Immediately fell in love with the idea! I couldn’t imagine Continue reading

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