Our Sand Ceremony

I love the idea of sharing ideas from our wedding and capturing little stories from the day at the same time. Still haven’t figured out why it took me so long to begin blogging! If you’re currently engaged, I hope it helps to spark ideas for your own big day, and for everyone, I hope you can appreciate and relate to the story behind each one shared. For our wedding, we (and by we I mean I, because my typical groom said ‘whatever you want honey’ 🙂 ) chose to do a sand ceremony to unite the three of us together as an official family. I decided on this for two reasons 1. I love the idea of a beach wedding, but with no beaches in Ohio and family who couldn’t travel to one down South, I went with subtle hints of a beach theme here and there (the cake was another subtle hint of the ocean; I’ll come back to that later!) 2. I wanted something my step daughter, Hailey, would enjoy being a part of and something I could keep out at our home for everyday decor. The picture frame I found at Michaels was perfect! The top has an opening that slides right off and provides space to pour in sand that will show in the front below the photo. For our wedding, we had a family photo in the frame and later swapped it for a photo from the wedding.

WEDDING Sara and Allen (243)


For the sand, we used three different colors and each one coordinated with the color that person was wearing; I had white sand, Allen had gray and miss Hailey had purple. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this exact moment of the ceremony. We didn’t practice pouring the sand prior to the ceremony…it seemed simple enough, right? Well, you did have to pour carefully to make sure the sand went into the frame; we’re lucky to have as much purple showing as we do because most of Hailey’s sand piled up in front of the frame on the table! My almost husband at the time and I tried our best to keep from laughing, but it was definitely a fun moment and just too cute! All the little moments like that make your wedding day! Oh, the little glass containers to put the sand in were found at Michaels too and really did work quite well! Although, maybe something with a pouring spout would be best… 🙂

WEDDING Sara and Allen (29)

Fun memories of our sand ceremony…

  • Beautiful reading by the minister as we prepared to pour the sand
  • Miranda Wong – My Wedding Day was the song playing, instrumental only (piano) so pretty
  • Hailey’s purple sand piling up on the table, laughing and smiling together
  • The excitement of walking back to the ‘altar’ knowing what one part was left, officially becoming married


Now, back to the subtle hints of a beach theme at our wedding…our cake was so wonderful! A small family owned bakery, Litty’s, made the cake and did a perfect job decorating! Too beautiful not to share and a great way to keep a theme in your wedding without being over the top. I wish you all could cut a piece from the photo and try it, Mmm!

WEDDING Sara and Allen (325)

As always, thanks for reading!!


  1. Nikki says:

    What a beautiful frame and story!! Where did you get the frame? I’d like to do something similar for my kids and my husband to be.



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