Engagement Gift for the Bride to Be

I absolutely love writing about my own wedding and reliving those memories in a way that will preserve them forever, in words that tell a story. However, I’m really excited to have another wedding to write about now too, my best friend’s wedding! Michelle. We met in 7th grade…she french braided my hair for track practice and the rest is history! This is the girl who’s always been there for me; she’s truly my best friend for life! You know, that person who will see you making a fool out of yourself in public and join you so you’re not alone? The one you can pick up with right where you left off regardless of the amount of time spent apart? The one who you have countless inside jokes with, enough that you can make an entire poster collage of them from just one vacation? I think you get where I’m going! I couldn’t be more excited for her during this most wonderful time in her life! So, of course, I had to put together a ‘Happy Engagement’ gift to send her!


My goal was to find something a little different, add some cute humor and play up her wedding colors; pink is one of the main colors she has chosen for her wedding! For something different, I went straight to Etsy to look for creative ideas that I could either replicate myself or order from a great small shop! I came across the coffee mug in the photo and loved it instantly! I know Michelle enjoys her morning coffee and as odd as it sounds, the text style of the writing on the mug even reminded me of her…she would understand! ha! I also thought she would appreciate the phrase and what bride to be can’t find ways to use that phrase as an answer to her fiance’s crazy questions…all in good fun of course 🙂


The cute humor? We are big fans of the movie Bridesmaids! During my own engagement, we watched this movie quite often and quoted it even more! So those Jordan Almonds in the gift box are only there because of that movie! When I saw them at Michaels, in her wedding color even, there was just no question about adding them to the gift! I tied a quote from the movie that mentions Jordan Almonds and had to giggle to myself as I did. And to wrap it up, no ‘Happy Engagement’ gift for the Bride to be is complete without a wedding magazine; I still have a few from mine! Oh, and some pretty rose petals to add to that ‘wedding feel’! I can’t wait to plan, make wedding crafts, go dress shopping and more and hope to share many stories right here! If any of you need gift ideas for a newly engaged friend, I hope this is helpful and gets those creative juices flowing!


One of my favorite photos of us….and trust me, we have thousands 🙂


As always, thanks for reading!!

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