Engagement Ring Photography

After the surprise, happy tears, excitement and phone calls what do all girls do after getting engaged? Photograph that ring! I have my fair share of hand photos wearing my engagement ring, but also took some creative photos of it. Although I didn’t, photos like these could certainly be used for items like Save the Dates or even the actual wedding invitations.

*Quick tip, if you’re looking to make and order either of these I highly suggest visiting the site magnetstreet.com! You can choose from hundreds of styles and customize save the dates, invitations and programs to fit your wedding. It’s very user-friendly, ships quickly and arrives perfectly packaged. We were very happy with our invitations from this company!



The first couple photos I took were on the end table in our living room using a cute wine cork holder I bought previously from the Hallmark store and a bottle of wine from the World Market! In full, the wine cork holder is a wire wine barrel with a lid that opens and closes to drop corks in. We love good wine so incorporating this into some ‘engagement photos’ was fitting for us!



The wine bottle in this second photo is an Italian wine that I honestly purchased for the authentic label due to my Italian background. Would you believe we haven’t even opened this bottle? It’s been deemed kitchen decor in our home for quite some time now; perhaps we should give it a taste soon!

This last photo, also the featured photo of the post, was taken in our backyard. I saw a similar idea on Pinterest using Scrabble letters with your ring to create a word related to love, marriage and/or relationships. I loved the way this one turned out and would like to do a new photo now with both of our wedding rings. P.S. I took all of these photos with the Canon 5D camera and if I remember correctly I simply used the automatic setting with my added flash topped with a dome for a less harsh flash light.


Especially for those of you currently engaged, I hope this puts your creative minds in motion and you get some unique photos of your own ring that holds so much meaning.

As always, thanks for reading!


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