Creative First Wedding Anniversary Gift

This past October my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! As I’ve said before, I love tradition. We decided to stick with tradition when it came to gifts for each other and followed the first anniversary of Paper. Looking on Pinterest again, I stumbled upon the idea of customizing a book to be folded into letters or numbers special to our marriage. I decided to go with the month and date of our wedding separated by a small heart; we got married on October 19th. I ordered this book from a seller on Etsy and was very pleased with the ability to work with her as we finalized the order, the fast shipping of the product and the great wrapping and packing of the book. I requested a book from her collection related to love and marriage and ended up using ‘The Forever Marriage’. These would be great gifts for other occasions too; I could definitely see buying one of these for my teacher friends. If you’re interested, check out her page here!





For our anniversary celebration, we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and stayed the night at the same hotel we stayed at the night of our wedding! It was really special to celebrate our anniversary in a place that brought back so many wedding memories. The next day we got our year old cake out of the freezer to thaw and enjoyed a piece, or two ;), that evening. We were pleasantly surprised with the taste of our cake; it really tasted just like the day of our wedding….delicious! More than anything, I’m just so lucky to be married to my husband and I’m looking forward to many more anniversaries filled with tradition, reminiscing and new memory making.


Cheers to love ❤

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Absolutely LOVE this idea! Never heard of such a this with creative folded paper. Pretty cool. We are always looking for great anniversary ideas. Even write articles about them. See our articles section on


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