Blogging Introduction: About the Butlers

It only seems proper for my first post (ever, might I add!) to be about my family and me. To be honest, the real reason I wanted to create this blog was to start documenting all of the amazing experiences we have together every day and to be able to look back at trips taken, crafts made, new foods cooked and countless memories made. If my posts have an impact on readers in the blogging world and help more families create fun memories that’s a big bonus and would truly fill my heart with joy! So let’s see…

I met my husband, Allen, in October of 2009 and had no idea at that time I would marry him in October of 2013. Of all places, we actually met at work and did our fair share of flirting at the office before going on our first official date. I remember telling my best friend I was going to marry him after just a few weeks of dating; do you know that saying “when you know, you know?” Well, I believe in that completely. He is my rock in life and likely doesn’t know how much my life has been enhanced because of him. And the best part, he came with a cute little six year old (at the time), his daughter Hailey. This little girl was shy for about the first five minutes of meeting me and I think she’s been chatting it up ever since that sixth minute. She’s sweet, empathetic, funny, sentimental, creative and okay…a typical (now) eleven year old at times. Come on…we all had, err, have our times 🙂 She brightens our world every day and our only wish is to see her more than we already do. That girl is amazing and makes me want to be the best person and one heck of a role model for her. In addition to the husband and the step daughter, there’s a dog Dusty, a cat Milo and a kitten Mosby. We treat these animals basically like three more kids; they are adorable.

So what about me? I’m Sara…no h, please. I work as a Project manager, which is fitting because I’m definitely one to plan…just about anything. When I really care about something, I like things to be perfect and that’s not always a good thing; my husband might tell you I overact at times 🙂 My all time favorite, classic movie is Father of the Bride and I always relate to a certain quote in there describing Annie, “Annie’s a very passionate person. And passionate people tend to overreact at times. But on the upside, with this passion… comes great spirit and individuality…”. It’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Some of my favorite things…cooking for my family, going to the movies, date night with my husband, vacationing, photography, traditions, Christmas, weddings, holidays and more!

Enjoy some of our photos over the years! it’d be easier if I could just post albums 🙂

IMG_0124   WEDDING Sara and Allen (29) IMG_2147

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