Countdown to Midnight

I’ve always enjoyed the parties with friends on New Years Eve, but I must say these past couple years I’ve enjoyed the family New Years Eve activities even more; kids can really make all holidays extra fun in a new way! This was our eventful 2013 to 2014 New Years Eve night! I found this great idea on Pinterest and added a few of my own twists to cater to my family! The idea is to jot down five activities for the evening on five small pieces of paper, drop each paper in a balloon, blow up the balloons and write a time on each one. Now you have the entire evening planned and at each hour a balloon is popped and the fun activity is revealed! My step daughter loved this! For one, simply popping a balloon is fun for kids, and second, she was just excited to find out what was coming next each hour!



I certainly recommend coming up with your own activities based on what your family enjoys, but here are the ones I used in case you need a few ideas to get started!



The chocolate fondue was one of our favorites from the evening, who doesn’t love all things dipped in chocolate! This fondue set can be purchased from Crate and Barrel, a favorite store of mine! Check it out here!


We also made some delicious kid friendly ‘champagne’ for the midnight toast! Did you know that a mix of one 2 liter ginger ale and half a can of frozen white grape juice concentrate tastes great and looks just like champagne? Add some raspberries and you have a fancy looking drink 🙂





As always, thanks for reading!

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