Movie Night at Home

Family nights are some of my favorite nights and to keep it fun I like to get a little creative from time to time! Our family loves movies and we go to the theater often, so when another family night at home came around I thought why not bring one of our favorite outings to our home!


I wanted to make the typical movie night a bit more special so I decided to look online for some printables and ideas. Check out some great ones here! These can be the start of the fun for kids too if you print in black and white and have them color the signs and tickets!



One of my favorite parts was our ‘concession stand’! It may not look like much, but was plenty for us! My stepdaughter had a friend over this night as well and she had so much fun ‘working’ this simple concession stand! She took all of our orders and even popped our popcorn if that’s what we requested. We watched a classic movie she picked out that night, The Sandlot! Once we had our snacks we all got comfy in the living room, turned off all the main lights and enjoyed the show. I think we all agreed we would return to that theater 🙂 My stepdaughter absolutely loved this evening and asked if we could do it next time we have movie night! This is how some of the best memories are made…I kind of want skittles now too after looking at this photo 😉

If you notice the cute popcorn bowl in the photo above, that’s another great find from! Check out their website for similar popcorn, ice cream and snack bowls!

If you have some great family night ideas, please share! We are always looking for new ways to have fun together!

As always, thanks for reading!

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