Simple Halloween Food

I know this is a bit out of order as far as when I’m publishing this post, but as a new blogger I’m giving myself an exception here to add more content! If I can think of or find something creative to do with food around any holiday, I do, because my step daughter thinks it’s the greatest! On more than one occassion I’ve been told I make the food almost too cute to eat! For Halloween this year I made some pumpkins, ghosts and mummies…quite the scary meal! These are all so simple that even kids can help!



For the “pumpkins”, all you need is clementine oranges and celery! Just peel the orange and cut a small piece of washed celery to stick in the middle. ta-da, instant pumpkin…the easiest, and in my opinion, cutest food of the evening! For the “ghosts” you slice a banana in half and use chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth – mini chips for the eyes and regular for the mouth! These are great too, but my only pet peeve is the bananas begin turning brown quickly. My advice, make these right before serving! Another ghost idea is using a cookie cutter to make a sandwich in the shape of a ghost. I tried this one too as you’ll see below and my step daughter loved it even though I was less than thrilled with the outcome. I should look at it through her eyes =)



Finally, the mummies! These are hot dogs and Pillsbury crescent rolls! You unroll the crescent rolls and use a knife to slice each one into strips that can be wrapped around the hotdog and baked in the oven according to the directions on the crescent rolls package. For the eyes, I used mustard and applied them with a toothpick.



Hope you come back to use these ideas next Halloween for a spooky fun lunch, dinner or snack đŸ™‚

As always, thanks for reading!

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