Christmas Eve Gift 2015

Is it Christmas Eve yet? Just kidding. I know it’s approaching all too quickly, but at the same time I’m already excited! It’s one of my favorite nights of the year with Hailey. Even if nothing special is planned, the excitement a child has on Christmas Eve is contagious and truly adds some magic to the evening. This will be our third Christmas as an ‘official’ family and the fourth year for Hailey’s Christmas Eve gift, the first tradition we started together! A Christmas Eve gift is a wonderful way toset the stage for a fun family night in anticipation for Christmas morning. In the past, Hailey’s gift has always contained one personalized item, tasty snacks, a Christmas movie and pajamas. It doesn’t seem like we’ve had too many holiday movies released in the past couple years and our current collection is quite extensive so the movie part of the gift was proving to be challenging this year. That is until I asked myself “does it have to be a movie”? We have a love for game nights just as we do movie nights so I went on the hunt for Christmas themed games.


Amazon is a great place to browse for such items and I love being able to read reviews. In fact, sometimes I’m one of those people who spends far too much time reading reviews and weighing the pros and cons! Don’t ask me to plan a vacation for you if it needs to be booked asap! I decided (fairly quickly might I add) on two gifts to contribute to her Christmas Eve box: Christmas Madlibs and Holiday Fluxx. I’ll be sure to report back on the second game, because it’s a new one to us! Has anyone ever played the Fluxx card game? I read the holiday version is simpler and the descriptions I found online sound entertaining! Speaking of entertaining, our cat Mosby was a big help in putting this gift together šŸ˜‰


The rest of Hailey’s gift will remain the same with a personalized item, goodies to munch on (or in this case treats to savor – Lindor’s Chocolate truffles) and new pajamas! Her personalized gift is a beautiful sweatshirt style throw blanket from none other than It’s such a comfy blanket made with quality material; it really does feel like your favorite cozy sweatshirt. All of the words are related to Christmas and family. The ‘Love you More’ phrase is a signature of Hailey’s, her response any time we say ‘I love you’ to her šŸ™‚


Enjoy this last week before Christmas, friends!! My advice is to do what you can to wrap everything up this weekend so you can spend the remaining days eating cookies, sipping mulled wine, watching Christmas movies, laughing with friends and family and reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas by a comforting fireplace.

Bonus: If you haven’t heard the song ‘Mary did you Know’ by Pentatonix, you’re in for a real treat watching the video tomorrow šŸ™‚


Tis the Season! And of course, as always, thanks for reading!!


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