Kate Spade Inspired Baby Shower

When I married my husband, I gained a lot of wonderful family members who made me feel like family long before it became official. In that mix is two wonderful sisters. One (Tiffany) already has children, the cutest little boy and girl, and the second one (Danielle) is now a mommy to be who is glowing from head to toe! It’s been so joyful to watch her pregnancy and excitement progress as her due date quickly approaches. We were recently able to celebrate with friends and family at the baby shower Tiffany and I had been planning for the past two months. She’s having a girl and as we talked about her nursery Danielle made it clear she loved all things Kate Spade. I knew we had to use that as our theme for the shower! If you’re not familiar with the Kate Spade brand, the chic designs started in the form of handbags and have evolved into everything from clothing accessories to household decor with bows, stripes and polka dots being staple accents in fun, fresh colors!


The nursery will be a mix of black, white and turquoise – really cute! For the shower, we kept the traditional pink in the mix for a girl and complimented that color with black, white and gold! We did a mix of patterns using stripes, polka dots and bows. Let’s start with the guest tables and a shout out to others who have planned a gorgeous Kate Spade baby shower before me and shared photos on Pinterest! I found so many cute ideas for guest tables and took aspects from each one to create ours! The black polyester tablecloths were a random lucky find on Amazon for just five dollars each! The table runners are from Etsy; the buying and shipping process was a breeze and the runners are high quality! The mason jars used for centerpieces were purchased from Michael’s and my dear friend Kate (how fitting :)) helped me spray paint them gold! It was a fun and easy project and now I’m wondering what I can paint next, because it’s such a simple way to turn something basic into something beautiful! I tried a few different flowers in the jars, but nothing could beat the pink tulips!


The plates and plastic ware came from Party City and were a great classy yet practical pick for table settings. The bows are paper napkins loosely tied with ribbon. The first couple bows were a bit of a challenge to create, but after a little practice we had it down and made 25 in no time. The confetti is from Etsy, but if you need a large quantity I would definitely suggest buying your own paper and making these at home to be cost effective. We didn’t need spoons for the food selection, but if I had a re-do I would add them to the guest tables to ‘complete the look’ πŸ™‚ I also spent time ironing (or rather attempting to iron) the table cloths, but let me tell you…that’s a chore. If you can borrow a steamer, I think that would be the way to go.


We’ll move on to a couple fun tables next. Tiffany was a huge help when it came to games and activities! She planned everything for a ‘Late Night Diaper Change’ table, ‘The Price is Right – Baby Style game’ and even a photo booth! The Late Night Diaper table was a really cute idea where we had diapers and markers displayed for guests to write a funny or encouraging message to the parents to be in hopes they’d find some humor during their 3AM duty calls! The Price is Right game was really fun; Tiffany purchased several common baby items and had them available for the guests to hold and examine before guessing the price. The person closest to the actual total cost of all items in the shopping cart won. Hailey was at the shower and participated in this game; her guesses were quite low as you can imagine the grasp a 12 year old has on cost of living! I told her the prices might be a bit low and clever as always, she added a note stating all items were on sale! She makes me laugh!

IMG_1777 IMG_7957

The photo booth was a really fun idea and we were fortunate to already have the set up required for a backdrop. My husband bought a pop up studio for me years ago and it was perfect for what we needed at the shower! Tiffany made the cutest props for our guests and supplied an easy to use camera and tripod! It’s a fun version of a guestbook and one that will certainly be looked through more than once!


So these food tables…they are probably the one part that didn’t come together quite as I envisioned, but for great reason; we had a lot of food which crowded the tables a bit and left little room for the tiny flower vases and nice spacing. If we’re all in agreement, I believe the food itself is more important here! With amazing cooks and bakers in the family, the food selection was plentiful and delicious! We had a typical spread with light sandwiches, fruit and veggies and also added in scrumptious Italian meatballs, macaroni and some fun drinks (LaCroix sparkling water) Tiffany introduced us to that weekend. I highly suggest doing your fruit/veggie cups as individual servings, because it makes it easier for guests to grab and keeps the line moving. Oh and those strings you see behind the tables? Well, they have balloons attached at the top, but my helpers (husband and stepdaughter) didn’t quite catch on with the intent of making them all the same height lined up behind the tables or perhaps it became too tedious – definite possibility. As you might be able to guess though, noone asked me why the balloons weren’t even and everyone complimented the decor around the entire venue. Keep perspective πŸ™‚

IMG_7911 IMG_7907

We ended the shower with gifts, of course, and by looking at the gift table it was evident Danielle has generous friends and family; that table was overflowing! Her husband, Rob, made it to the shower in time to help unwrap gifts which made for some really cute moments caught on camera! Candid reactions make the best photos and she had plenty of great facial expressions in response to some of the cutest and funniest baby shower gifts! Their little girl is extremely loved already!


The shower came together wonderfully and the mommy to be couldn’t have been happier with everything which made my day! The best part of planning events for other people is the satisfaction of seeing them so happy and appreciative for it all! I hope this helps if you are planning a Kate Spade inspired event as well! It’s perfect for bridal showers or even birthday parties too!

IMG_8040Β IMG_8109

Happy planning!


As always, thanks for reading!!



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