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Lollipop Ghosts

Happy Halloween (yesterday)!! I hope everyone had a spooky fun holiday and got to enjoy a little sugar without the guilt! My initial goal for these lollipop ghosts was to have them completed by October 30th; that would have been nicer than making them an hour before trick or treat on October 31st while cooking a festive dinner simultaneously, but such is life in a busy home! To accomplish the ghost assembly task under our new timeline, I had to Continue reading

Healthy Halloween Treat

Happy Halloween, friends! With the amount of Trick or Treat candy Hailey brought with her this weekend, I wanted at least one treat we made to be healthy! These oranges turned jack o’ lanterns were¬†the perfect festive snack and proof that enjoying the holidays doesn’t always mean over indulging! Most of our ‘jack o’ lanterns’ were filled with Continue reading

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