Wishing Tree for the New Year

As I was looking for fun family ideas for this New Years Eve, I came across the idea of a wishing tree. My step daughter enjoys crafting so this fit right into that category and I loved the idea of everyone contributing to the tree with their own wishes and hopes for the new year. I actually took Hailey shopping with me to get the supplies, but wouldn’t tell her what we were doing with everything! She made some good attempts to get the answer out of me while shopping 🙂 We got everything to make this tree from Michaels. If you haven’t been to this store before it’s very much like Jo Ann fabrics, the prices are fairly reasonable and they always have sales and coupons available!



We chose branches we liked best at the store for the tree. I’ve also seen this made with branches from your own back yard spray painted. For the stars we just chose paper that would go well with the tree and bought two stars ($1 each) to trace and cut out. After writing on each star, we hole punched it and looped the silver rope through it to hang/tie on a branch! Some of the wishes were funny and some were serious! I really like the one Hailey wrote for all of us that just said ‘Be Happy’. So simple and so important for a wonderful year!



This is a great project for the new year and can easily be modified each year going forward by replacing the stars with new ones fitting the upcoming year. Happy New Year to you all, from our family to yours we hope it’s your best one yet!!



As always, thanks for reading!

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