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Dark Chocolate Halloween Cookies

A few days ago I shared last year’s healthy Halloween treat (jack o lantern oranges) on Facebook making the comment we should save the sugar for the Christmas cookies. I’ll have to request you look past that comment as I now write about the Halloween cookies we made yesterday that are clearly filled with that exact ingredient. In my defense, my thirteen year old stepdaughter Continue reading

Peanut Butter Banana Bites

I love making cute snacks for Hailey, because she gets so excited over the little added touches that make her food fun! For example, when she came in the kitchen and saw these today she said “oh my gosh, these look awesome! Thank you so much Sara!”┬áVery minimal effort to create a cute and healthy snack that makes her smile? I’m a fan! Continue reading

Paleo Inspired Chocolate Brownies

I don’t follow the Paleo diet, but a friend of mine at work shared this recipe with me and she makes delicious desserts so I trusted it was a good idea to give it a whirl! Good idea indeed, because these are yummy little treats! If you’re not familiar with Paleo, it puts focus on eating lean┬ámeats, fish, vegetables, fruit, and excluding dairy/grain products and processed food. So these brownies have no flour, no refined sugar; instead, Continue reading

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