New Years Eve 2014

I was a bit last minute planning New Years Eve for our family this year; the previous year with the balloons was really fun and I was trying and trying to find another idea I liked as much! After searching for a little while, I decided to ask Hailey what she wanted to do for New Years and I couldn’t help but smile when she said she really loved the balloon activities from the previous year. I just love when I can make a holiday, or any day for that matter, memorable for her! With her answer, I quickly thought of some ideas for activities and bought the supplies needed! A couple were repeated from last year, because they were favorites and keeping them in the list this year might just start a New Years tradition we can build on each year!



Speaking of traditions, we started our New Years celebration with a movie at the theater this year which was really fun; I could definitely see doing that every December 31st! We saw the movie Annie and it was really well done; we all enjoyed it, even my husband! We’re lucky to live near a very nice movie theater with a dine in option so we had comfy leather seats and popcorn and drinks brought to us during the movie!

So back to the evening at home…since our sweet kitten Mosby had already un-decorated most of the tree for us, I decided I might as well put the balloons to pop on the tree this year and not have to mess with string and tying them elsewhere. I did this using mini clothespins. The sweet boy himself is pictured below; he’s lucky he’s cute huh? =)

IMG_2964 IMG_2972

One of the repeat activities for the evening was chocolate fondue; I doubt I need an explanation for adding this to the list again. As I mentioned in my previous New Years post, this fondue set is from Crate and Barrel and we love it! Works well every time! A fun tip with the dippers below, we ended up crushing up those graham crackers, dipping our marshmallows in chocolate and then coating them with the crushed grahams…y.u.m!! A fondue version of the s’more 🙂

IMG_1315 IMG_1320


I had to just laugh with Hailey as again her fruit was a bit more chocolate drenched than chocolate dipped. Needless to say, she had no trouble staying awake until midnight! In fact, I think the adults were more ready for bed than she was at the end of the night!

Another favorite of mine from the evening was the wishing tree we made. This was a fun, new activity and Hailey seemed to really enjoy the craft making and the creativity of writing wishes for the year! Check out the details of this in my post Wishing Tree for the New Year! Below is one miss Hailey wrote that she said is just a wish in general, not necessarily for 2015 🙂 She is one good little singer!



Another fun and new activity this year was using the airbrush kit Hailey got for Christmas! This was really fun and right up my husband’s ally as he has always been into art and is actually quite talented. I was so happy to capture some great photos of them working together and having fun making new memories!

IMG_3024 IMG_3040


The remainder of the night consisted of playing games and toasting to the new year with our mock champagne! I took a video at midnight instead of photos; it will always be fun to look back on that footage!

Hope all of you had a fun and memorable New Years Eve as well! Cheers to 2015!

As always, thanks for reading!

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