Dinner Recipes

Turkey, Bean and Spinach Soup

Yesterday was a day best spent inside, cozy and warm; it definitely felt like Fall with gloomy skies and wind that was quite chilly! Since we live in Ohio though, today is the exact opposite and it almost feels like Summer again (which I’m okay with as you can guess)! Yesterday was a definite soup making kind of day and Continue reading

Quinoa Chili

Last Saturday really felt like Fall. I will be honest and tell you this didn’t exactly thrill me; I like warm temps with abundant sunshine and I don’t appreciate other seasons sneaking in and stealing my Summer time! Fortunately, this quinoa chili recipe Continue reading

One Skillet Ground Turkey & Sweet Potato Dinner

Comfort food seems to be mostly associated with the cold and dreary days of Winter, but I think it’s something to be enjoyed throughout the entire year. Rainy Summer days are open invitations for comfort food as well in my opinion. My favorite part about this dish is the added health benefits! You don’t always get lucky enough to combine Continue reading

Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes and Basil

and more! It was a little tricky to decide on a title for this dish, because if I were to explain it completely it’s pasta tossed in olive oil with fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic and parsley! Luckily, the long name is the most difficult part of this perfect Summer lunch or dinner! It’s a very Continue reading

Easy Caribbean Jerk Chicken

You know where the best jerk chicken is in the world? At an amazing resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica where it’s smothered in delicious jerk seasoning and grilled fresh by the pool each afternoon! My husband and I ate this nearly every day on our honeymoon, because it was just that good! We still wonder why we didn’t bring a jar of the seasoning home with us, but I suppose that’s as good of reason as any to go back…right? 🙂 Continue reading

Grilled Chicken and Berry Salad

Although the ever changing Ohio weather is starting to go downhill today, we’ve had some really nice Summer like days lately and it’s getting me in the mood for great Summer food dishes! I’ve made salads with fruit in the past, but this is  Continue reading

Deliciously Easy Crockpot BBQ Chicken

The crockpot is a wonderful invention! I knew I was growing up when I started putting such items on my “Christmas list”! It was actually a realization that made me smile, because I love this part of my life where I can take care of my family, provide good meals and turn a house into Continue reading

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